Strategies for Digital Transformation and Innovation

Our approach

The Chess knight

The knight piece in a Chess game has the most unusual move. It can jump over all other pieces to its target or destination. Winning without the knights is time consuming.

Having a knight as your business partner will give you the jump start to initiate your business' digital transformation and innovation program.

The Experience

We have extensive hands-on experience in IT Service Management, IT Governance, and Business Process Improvement. We have helped many organizations adopt best practices to deliver what the business expects in terms of outcomes, from the design and planning of adequate digital services to their implementation, automation, and ongoing support.

The commitment

We are guided by our values. Our vision and vision reflect our present and future goals.

Our vision is to drive every digital strategy to success.

Our mission is to help organizations achieve the most favorable strategic position to compete in the digital world by managing their digital service offerings in an agile and efficient way.

The challenge

Strategies for digital transformation and innovation are the message behind XTRATEGIS. The KNIGHT represents our role as your partner in helping you develop and implement the most promising digital strategy.

Developing a digital strategy takes time, resources and efforts. Let us help you get there faster and with reduced risk.
Lean IT Group is a limited liability corporation registered in the State of Florida, United States of America, with clients around the globe. Our team has vast knowledge and hands-on experience in the world’s most well-known information and technology frameworks and standards. They are certified in ITIL, COBIT, DevOps, ISO 20k, ISO 27k, and more. We are an accredited training organization.

Because your organization is unique, so are your needs. We will be the knight piece in a chess game helping you identify the ‘best of breed’ methods that will make your digital transformation and innovation initiatives succeed, faster and with reduced risk.

Our success is rooted in a relationship with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. We listen carefully to their needs to provide them with the right solutions.